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Sellin on Rügen Island - an illustrated trip

Rügen is Germany's biggest, the nicest and statistically the sunniest island.

The Baltic seaside resort Sellin is the second largest one, but certainly the most enchanting of Rügen's seaside resorts.

Our holiday apartment „Villa Li“ is situated in the historic Wilhelm Street, the most splendid villa-avenue in the architecture which is typical for Rügen.

© Karl-Heinz Gottschalk / PIXELIO

At the end of Wilhelm Street is the main beach and the famous historical pier with a top restaurant at its end.

Sellin is located in the most beautiful region of Rügen Island, embedded in the Baltic Sea and the Lake of Sellin as well as in the Granitz Woods and Sellin Forest. Near to „Villa Li“ the walking trail up to the coast begins.

Not far from Sellin in Granitz Wood, you find Granitz Castle on Rügen's highest mountain with an observation tower and a breathtaking view of the whole island.

Sellin also is on the doorstep to "Mönchgut", a fantastically gentle hill and lake scenery which invites to walking tours as well as to bicycle tours. Therefore “Mönchgut” was put as a biosphere reserve under special protection by the UNESCO.


Sellins has two fine sandy beaches. The south beach reaches with its 3 miles (5km) long promenade the neighboring Baltic seaside resorts Baabe and Göhren.


© Karl-Heinz Gottschalk / PIXELIO

The leisure indoor-swimming pool and wellness complex "Island Paradise" in Sellin with a big sauna scenery offers an all year season.  


www.pixelio.de: Joujou, Cornerstone, Manfred-Walker

Most of the island sightseeing highlights are accessible by the „Raging Roland“, Rügens historic steam-powered narrow gauge railway which slowly moves at a maximum speed of 20 miles (30km) per hour connects the historic royal residence Putbus (called "The White City") with the Baltic seaside resorts Binz, Sellin, Baabe and Göhren as well as Granitz Castle.



The „White City of Putbus“ with its famous round arrangement of white buildings is the last royal residence built in Germany.

Fotos: Darkone, Foto Badehaus: Lapplaender

In summer the "Raging Roland" takes you to the harbour of Lauterbach from where you can go by boat to the Island of Vilm with its primeval forest.


Fotos: Huddeiche Jelly, Küste der Insel Vilm Greifen / Wikimedia
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vitt_bei_Arkona.jpg© Ronny Rotscher / PIXELIO

The north of Rügen Island is dominated by Cape Arkona and the picturesque fishing village Vitt.

Foto: Lapplaender / Wikimedia

Rügen's Chalk Cliffs in the national-park Jasmund are world famous. There is also the absolutely worth seeing national park experience center.


A days trip takes you to Hiddensee Island, where no cars are allowed.


You can visit Stralsund, an old town which belonged to the Hanseatic League. The Brick Gothic historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stralsund has several museums dedicated to marine lifes. The biggest ones are the German Oceanographic Museums. There is also a Nautineum.

The Störtebeker-Festival on the natural-arena Ralswiek also belongs to the cultural Rügen highlights

Feuerwerk Stoertebeker

Also the winter on the Island Rügen is an experience with bizarre ice-creations on the beaches and dreamlike snowy scenery. In winter, it's popular to meet at the rink in the sea-park Sellin with many actions and mulled-wine bar.

Winter Rügen

To the winter-highlight, people assemble in New Year's Eve on the sea-bridge with huge height fireworks.

Foto: Lapplaender / Wikimedia

However, Rügen and Sellin still have to offer even more … Discover the biggest island of Germany and its varied beauty at every season by yourselves. To be able to get to know really with relish the island, you should allow yourselves at least one week on Rügen Island. Nice vacation!